Our team of Consultants interacts with the client to understand their Various kinds of Requirements, Job specification, Job environment & ideal incumbent profile. This understanding is documented and agreed upon with the client.

Long list Generation /Data Bank Compiling. 
Specialist Industry research teams brainstorm to identify targets Industry & Organizations. Thereafter suitable candidates enlisted using the headhunting process and a detailed long list along with the brief profiles & contact details is prepared.

Short list Generation / Choosing the right one
Each Candidate of the long list is contacted to ascertain his interest in the mandated position. Based on the interest level and the suitability of the profile a short list of potential candidates is prepared.

Information Dissemination Session

The short listed candidates are invited for a meeting and relevant information about the Industry, organization and the job is disseminated to the potential candidates. This session is primarily aimed towards creating an employment brand for the client organization. First cut (off list is prepared during this personality assessment session) personality assessment is also done during this session. For all outstation candidates this session is conducted over telephone.

Assessment Session
The candidates qualifying the dissemination session are invited for an assessment session wherein the functional and behavioral aspect of the candidates is assessed by a qualified group of consultants. A formal assessment report is prepared and handed over to the client.

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